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Days of Battle

In my last post, I touched on trying to find the balance between abling and enabling. Most parents I know are also in this struggle. Just because our situation includes some medical diagnoses and a daily routine that looks different than the “norm” doesn’t mean the principles of operation are that different.

It doesn’t matter if your future includes a wheelchair or not, in this life you have to focus on what you CAN do.


Yes, this is my little guy vacuuming while in his wheelchair.

I’m sure many of you are wondering how the appointment with the neurosurgeon went, it went pretty much as we expected. We scheduled another 2-3 hour MRI for next week. Garrett managed to do one of these back in May without sedation and we’re opting to try that again this time because it gets us in almost 3 weeks earlier than if he needed it. It’s hard for anyone to remain still for that long, but our children’s hospital does an amazing job of working with the kids and setting them up for success. He will be able to watch a movie during the MRI. It’s moments like this I am thankful he completely zones out when you put a screen in front of his face.

In addition, the doctor said that pushing Garrett physically would not damage anything neurologically, and instructed me to push him for everything he’s got.

This is where I can’t help but acknowledge the goodness of God and His Sovereignty. I’m thankful for many of those around us for calling it out as well. I’ve walked through difficult medical situations before, both advocating for another and for myself. My education and work experience as a massage therapist and wellness partner has prepared me uniquely. Many of my passions come together to serve Garrett in this life.

We left the doctors office and I took him to lunch. We had a “come to Jesus” talk.

In many ways, Garrett is innocent, naive, and gullible. When it comes to medical situations and similar, he’s mature beyond his years. I explained we needed to push and work to make any gains possible if we wanted to get him back on his feet.

“We’re going to get mad at each other, we’re going to cry, and we’re both going to be exhausted,” I said.

The downside is there’s a big chance that this pushing won’t get us where we want to be. The neurosurgeon suspects that the area of nerves he was unable to dissect from scar tissue during the last surgery is what is causing the problems.

Right now it feels like we have to fight with everything that we have between now and our follow up with the neurosurgeon in 2 weeks.

I’ve always looked at expanding my knowledge about the body and learning techniques for healing as adding tools to my toolbox. That toolbox just morphed into an arsenal.

I said to the LORD, “You are my God; Give ear, O LORD, to the voice of my supplications. “O GOD the Lord, the strength of my salvation, You have covered my head in the day of battle.” Psalm 140:6-7

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