Good Days

26 Oct
Good Days

Yes, there are good days.

We obviously made the right choice in allowing Garrett to use the wheelchair around the house. It took a day to recoup, but now at the end of the day he’s not in near as much pain nor as exhausted (and whiny).

It’s always a struggle to balance the abling and the enabling. I’m sure there are some who might say I fall too far to one side or the other. I try very hard to raise both my boys with the hope of their futures in mind. I want them to be responsible, independent, respectful, capable men; husbands and fathers if they so choose. In order to do that, I’m not just raising them but training them. They have to have a safe place to practice these things, to fail at them and grow into incorporating them as part of their character. As parents, we’re still learning too!

Yesterday, we went to church. It was so good for all of us to be surrounded by our church family. The hugs, the words spoken with looks and encouraging smiles, and the prayers were exactly what our spirits needed. Even though this is all we really need, there have been calls, texts, and visits. Coffees and meals have been scheduled and delivered. Invites into homes for family dinners. Plans to watch our beloved Royals in the World Series with friends. Cards, balloons, and gifts for my sweet sweet boy just to let him know he’s seen. We feel loved and supported. All of these acts are showing my boys that not only are we called to live and love like Jesus, but they are being loved by Jesus as others feel called to do it too.

There’s a lot of beauty in the broken moments of life.

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