Team Meeting

02 Jul
Team Meeting


Spina Bifida Clinic

Since birth Garrett has been seen by a team of doctors at least annually, but usually bi-annually to stay on top of his health and wellness. The team consists of a neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon, urologist, rehab med doc, physical therapist, pediatrician, nutritionist, and specialized nurse practitioners. The majority of this team have remained the same all these years, I feel they all are very passionate about what they do and truly care for Garrett and our family as a whole.

The clinic set up is great. All of the patient rooms are in a square and the kids frequently end up in the hallway, which is carpeted to look like a road, playing with one another. Many of the kids we see there also attend the same Spina Bifida summer camp. Because of this, clinic is not something we dread but look forward to.

Garrett and his buddy at Spina Bifida camp

Garrett and his buddy at Spina Bifida camp summer 2014

Today everyone examined and reviewed Garrett’s signs and symptoms, putting their heads together to determine what exactly is going on. Timing was a bit off, as our neurosurgeon is not here, but on mission somewhere in Africa (I think). We left with an order for ongoing physical therapy and assurance that the team would communicate the concerns with the neuro as soon as possible upon his return.

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