Hello? God Calling

12 Feb

I hope to one day reach a confidence in my ability to hear when He calls.  At this stage I struggle.  The only spiritual hearing aids I know of are prayer and the Bible.  God is faithful.  If in obedience you seek His will, it will become known to you.

Last fall my women’s Bible study group did the Daniel study by Beth Moore.  A study of scripture so rich a number of things began rumbling around in me.  During the study we examined Daniel’s fast.  Beth invited us to participate in a way of our choosing for 6 weeks.  I gave up ice cream.  I didn’t tell anyone, because spiritual fasting shouldn’t be done for any other reason than to increase our time and acknowledge our dependence on God.  I love ice cream and frequently indulge.  The times I normally enjoyed my ice cream, I used to do the Daniel study homework, read scripture, and pray.

A few weeks ago my mom’s group blessed us by coordinating a teaching on fasting.  I learned SO much and the rumblings increased.

Last week during a middle school ministry leader meeting, our middle school pastor discussed some upcoming changes and suggested we check out a book detailing some things and the author’s blog.  On the author Mike Breen’s blog I find a post detailing a teaching series on Lent and fasting.

Then the other day my husband unexpectedly mentions his desire to look into and try a Daniel Fast.

Any ideas on what God might be calling me to do?


Lord, thank you for your faithfulness.  That even when I may be doubting your will, you continue to call me until it’s clear.  Please forgive my doubts!  I pray you guide me in preparation for action.  I love you!  Amen.


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2 responses to “Hello? God Calling

  1. Sherry Haskin

    February 13, 2012 at 12:31 am

    Hearing from God is not hard. Heeding His call is more complex. We pray to God and ask for answers, strength, intercession. And then we get up and go on our way. He waits patiently for the day when we stop after the last request, quiet ourselves, and listen. We talk and talk to Him, but we never stop and give Him a chance to talk back to us. He is talking to us all of the time. It comes down to recognizing and discerning the “voice” within; the Holy Spirit. “I go that the Comforter might come.” Sometimes I “get” his message right away. Other times, it takes three times before I say….okay, okay, You have my attention. What next? He is talking to us, all of the time. In your quiet times with Him, stop and listen. You will learn to recognize the “still small voice” and then experience the peace of knowing, ‘that passes all understanding”. Yes, He is calling. Is anyone going to answer the phone?

    • Nanette

      February 13, 2012 at 8:25 am

      Aunt Sherry, I just love your comments on here. They add so much, thank you!


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