11 Jan

“Obedience to God in a difficult situation will ultimately bear fruit, even though it might immediately cause hardship.” -Beth Moore

A mentor of mine wisely passed down a nugget of wisdom, that just might be a family heirloom, during a recent period of high anxiety for me.  We weren’t weathering any new storms or crisis that I felt warranted this anxiety.  Or so I thought…  Upon examination, which the holy spirit faithfully leads us to one way or another, I realized the building anxiety stemmed from my desire to do God’s will.

  “It’s enough to seek God’s will.” she said

Thank you for the life line dear friend!  When I think God speaks to me, it’s because he is.  I faithfully seek him in prayer and in his word, especially before making decisions.  But then, when God speaks we second guess ourselves, because it might be scary.  It might cause hardship.  God makes no mistakes.

Father, forgive my doubts.  I desire nothing more than your will in my life.  Thank you for participating in relationship with me.  How grand is your plan!  All my love to you, Jesus!  Amen.


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2 responses to “Obedience

  1. Warren Haskin

    January 12, 2012 at 1:33 am

    “When I think God speaks to me, it’s because he is.”

    One of the best summations I’ve ever read or heard in the way our relationship with our Father should be.

    Your blogs are inspiring, Nanette, filled with a tremendous amount of wisdom.


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