State of Gratitude

03 Jan

“Patience to wait does not come from suffering long for what we lack but from sitting long in what we have.” -Beth Moore

One of the blogs that provokes thought and provides challenge for me is this one.  The “blogger” is not just that, but also a published author and more.  I highly recommend reading her book! Though we need not deny our desires for change, improvement, or even things- this often turns into pining.  At a time when many are setting resolutions I’d like to stress we tread carefully, life isn’t going to be good once you drop 20lbs, get married, or get that great new job.  Resolve to find the goodness in your life now.  As Ann puts it, find the thousand gifts around you everyday!

Dear God, when my focus is on thanksgiving everything I experience is a gift from you.  Yard work in December, a slumbering boy, the end of vacation and the crazy “routine” – I am blessed!  Praise you!  All to often I take the simplest joys for granted.  Help me notice more of these each day.  Amen.

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Posted by on January 3, 2012 in Faith


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