02 Jul

December of 2009 at Bob’s work Christmas party I found out that some of my old co-workers (yes, I worked at the same company as my husband for a while) had become “runners”.  At this time I was working out regularly.  In fact exercising had become part of my lifestyle since about two years prior.  I had never considered “running”.  Why?  Speed walking and keeping a quick pace on the elliptical were working just fine for my cardio!  Something about the conversations that night sparked a fire and by mid January I committed to running my first half-marathon.

I found a training plan and started running outside.  Who knew exercise could be combined with communing with nature?  I was hooked quickly!  This goal of running and completing my first half-marathon right after turning the big 30 had a driving appeal. On April 12th, 2010 – I did just that!

This was my first race ever!  And I not only finished, but I finished it at a very respectable 2hr 27min time!

Upon finishing this race, I felt so accomplished and excited to see what I could do next!

But what came next was a lot of NOTHING!  With a little bit of sporadic somethings thrown in.

What is wrong with me?  How could I just stop doing something I loved so much?  How could I not maintain such a wonderful level of fitness?

I let other things get in the way.  I allowed my “me time”, my fitness, and my goals fall down the priority list.

I’ve decided enough is enough!  It’s time to get back in the saddle.  Enough with this here and there stuff!  I’m taking back my “me time” with no excuses!

Who’s with me?

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