Identity Crisis

27 Jun

I’m confident we’ve all asked ourselves the question, “Who am I?”   Just as I’m confident we’ve all spent periods of our life “finding ourselves” whether by choice or by chance.  I thought I had reached a point in my life where I could add “I’m confident in who I am”.

What I’ve learned recently is that I’m relatively confident in who I am.  Like I’ve claimed in previous posts, everything that I have experienced on my life’s journey to this point has shaped who I am and because of this I wouldn’t change any of it.  But who I am seems to lack some focus!

I want to do so much!  I am passionate about many different things.  I like jumping in, rolling up my sleeves, and working hard to achieve goals.  But I have some difficulty determining the right ones to jump into.

This blog is a great example.  I wanted to add my voice, my opinion, my story to the blogging world.  There was plenty of hesitation too!  Who really wants to hear my story?  Ultimately, I decided this blog is for me, who cares about the readership it attracts (or doesn’t)!

But what is my blog about?  Faith? Health?  Parenting?  Fitness?  I follow these type of blogs and love them.  I often think I have a lot to say on the same subjects, but when I start the writing process in my head the negative self talk begins.  What makes me knowledgeable on this subject or that?  What if I proclaim something and don’t follow through and come across hypocritical?  Do my blog posts have to have an underlying uniting theme?  My first post The Journey lines out that this blog is really about all things me- rather all things I try to be.

Even though I’ve experienced times I could define as “finding myself”, I think this blog itself may be another chapter in said book.

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Posted by on June 27, 2011 in Blogging, Intro, Random


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