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Crabby Patties!

Let me start off by saying, I LOVE FOOD!  There’s not a whole lot of it that I don’t like and I’m pretty courageous about trying new foods.  Not only do I love eating food, I love cooking food!

One would think since I have this love affair with food, that I would actually rendezvous with it a bit more.  All things life get in the way, including my own laziness.

Amazingly enough, I have not placed a salad before my family in quite some time (hanging head in shame).  Granted, the boys don’t do back flips over salad, but it’s my duty as their mom to expose them to healthy nutritious food.  I only hope doing so will indeed expand their palates as all the experts proclaim, because the whining and fighting that goes on during any dinner that doesn’t include mac’ n’ cheese is exhausting!

A while back I got Rocco DiSpirito’s cookbook “Now Eat This!”, and have not made much of a dent in working my way through it.  Enter the “Crab Cakes with Red Pepper Dressing” recipe.  Oh sweet perfection!  Granted I did not follow the recipe to a “T”, as my usual, but here is what I did do.

My take on Rocco’s Crab Cakes & Red Pepper Dressing

Makes 8-10 patties

1 cup frozen peas (allowed to thaw, or nuked for a bit)

18 oz fresh crabmeat or high quality canned crabmeat

zest of 1 lemon

1-2 T fresh lemon juice

1 cup mayo (whatever type you use)

5 T chopped fresh chives

1/2 c breadcrumbs (your preference on type)



1 part sesame oil

1 part grapefruit juice

Crushed red-pepper flakes to taste

Preheat broiler.  Cover a baking sheet with foil and spray with non-stick cooking spray.  Combine the first 9 ingredients until you’re sure everything is evenly distributed.  Form into patties and place on the baking sheet.  Broil until they reach a deep golden color and are heated throughout.  For me this took about 10 minutes, I would check around 5 min and watch closely from that point until they reach your desired color.

During that first 5 minutes I whisked together my dressing consisting of the last three ingredients.  Adjust all to taste.

This was served over a package of spring mix salad and our favorite combination of toppings from the local Price Chopper salad bar.  Read The Husbands claims on just how tasty this was!

Of course, the perfect accompaniment was a cold brew!  (Not for the boys.)

Have I mentioned I love food?  And this food was top-notch!

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To Medicate or not?

Everyone dealing with any type of chronic condition must face this question at some point.  So, let me preface this by saying, everyone’s situation is different therefore the consideration and answer, also different.

My youngest (6yrs), is affectionately referred to as Boo or Donkey.  He has a number of chronic conditions he copes with.  His nicknames inadvertently stem from some of them.  Boo is actually short for Boo Boo Bear.  Many think of Yogi and Boo boo and this applies because he’s the youngest of two boys and is very adorable.  But I started calling him Boo boo bear when I was about 20 weeks pregnant with him.  That is when we found out that he had a boo boo, Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.  I will have to post more about that some other time.  “Donkey” has only been around the last 2-3 years, only because of the close resemblance in behavior he has with the character “Donkey” from the Shrek movies.  Particularly Shrek 2 when Shrek and Fiona return home to the swamp from their honeymoon and then begin their trip to Far Far Away.

Donkey, Shrek, and Fiona by Onion Carriage
For the last year or two it has been pretty obvious to our family, to his teachers, and his many doctors that we are also dealing with a pretty severe case of ADHD.  Last year we added a new doc to the mix, one who specializes in kiddos with spinal cord injuries/defects.  That’s when we learned there is a very high rate occurrence of  learning disorders and ADHD.  Because he was only going into kindergarten at that time, we focused more on behavior modification and coping mechanisms for mom and dad.  I will say this helped me a lot!

The specialist indicated she’d like to do a full round of testing before 1st grade… and that’s what he just finished.  Over the course of about 8 weeks, and about as many appointments, the doctor observed not only his behavior, but how he processes and applies knowledge and skills.  This is the part that is scary for me.  He routinely had difficulty applying what he knows.  For example:  He knows that fire is hot, but this doesn’t enter into his train of thought, he doesn’t know to change his behavior when around fire to keep himself safe.  He knows what he’s supposed to do, but has an extremely difficult time doing that instead of his own impulsive desires.  This can be applied to any facet of his life, but the two most important are his own safety and school.  What the specialist described and then projected a bit further down the road in school doesn’t look good.  This was also hard for me to hear.  The husband and I both did well in school and love learning to this day.  Our oldest has been classified as gifted – and has an IEP to ensure he continues to be engaged with challenges during his educational career.  Boo is already having a pretty difficult time grasping the concept of addition.

The area we’re overall the least concerned about, but in all honesty, the most effected is at home.  As a family coping and dealing with all of the his medical conditions and extra care has been pretty easy.  It’s just what you do in cases like this – lock arms and take care of business.  But emotionally and for sure relationally there is a lot of strain.  This is the part I don’t want to factor in when contemplating ADHD medication.  How do you ignore the strain on one family member because Boo is more likely to comply with what needs to be done when that person does it?  Or the strain on the others when they are caring for him and are required to resort to constraining him in order to caring out medically necessary care?  How are the relationships being effected?  Father & Son, Mother & Son, Husband & Wife, Brothers

With these and many other components factoring in, we’ve decided to see if adding an ADHD medicine to the arsenal of weapons we utilize helps us give our boys the very best we can.

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I find myself yearning for sisterly companionship A.LOT. lately.  There is just so much in my life that I desire to share with a caring, understanding ear.  The husband is great and all, but talking with him hasn’t helped fill the hole.

It’s moments like these that I grieve the relationships lost, broken, and never explored.

Many times in my past I have been guilty of causing pain.  Many times I have experienced pain.  I can now acknowledge that most times I caused the pain, I was acting in the moment, out of selfishness, to satisfy some need or want of my own and wound up injuring an innocent bystander.  I can also acknowledge that most of the instances in which I was hurt my expectations were unrealistically high.  We can all be so focused on what seems to be the highest priority at the moment that we wind up blind to the other important things around us.

I used to crave relationships with others who “love like I love”.  Oh, the arrogance!

Do I think I feel love strongly?  Yes!  But I used to think because someone would allow themselves to hurt me or someone else with betrayal or abandonment that meant their love wasn’t as good, more to the point – not good enough for me.

The fact of the matter is – we’re all broken.  We are all going to make mistakes.

Granted, I still don’t want to feel betrayed or abandoned by those whom I love.  My love is what has changed.  I have the desire to show my love and my acceptance, especially in the moment a mistake is made.

Now that I desire to do this, I find my life lacking in relationships with others and my relationships lacking life.

Now I’m praying for sisters, for friends.

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Identity Crisis

I’m confident we’ve all asked ourselves the question, “Who am I?”   Just as I’m confident we’ve all spent periods of our life “finding ourselves” whether by choice or by chance.  I thought I had reached a point in my life where I could add “I’m confident in who I am”.

What I’ve learned recently is that I’m relatively confident in who I am.  Like I’ve claimed in previous posts, everything that I have experienced on my life’s journey to this point has shaped who I am and because of this I wouldn’t change any of it.  But who I am seems to lack some focus!

I want to do so much!  I am passionate about many different things.  I like jumping in, rolling up my sleeves, and working hard to achieve goals.  But I have some difficulty determining the right ones to jump into.

This blog is a great example.  I wanted to add my voice, my opinion, my story to the blogging world.  There was plenty of hesitation too!  Who really wants to hear my story?  Ultimately, I decided this blog is for me, who cares about the readership it attracts (or doesn’t)!

But what is my blog about?  Faith? Health?  Parenting?  Fitness?  I follow these type of blogs and love them.  I often think I have a lot to say on the same subjects, but when I start the writing process in my head the negative self talk begins.  What makes me knowledgeable on this subject or that?  What if I proclaim something and don’t follow through and come across hypocritical?  Do my blog posts have to have an underlying uniting theme?  My first post The Journey lines out that this blog is really about all things me- rather all things I try to be.

Even though I’ve experienced times I could define as “finding myself”, I think this blog itself may be another chapter in said book.

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